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One voter recently asked me, “Brian you are young, how do you know you won’t get into office and turn into the rest of them?” I turned to the voter and explained how I will always be able to look myself in the mirror. That I am beholden to no one. That I have a mother and a God looking down on me and that I want to make sure that every time I go to bed at night that all my actions were done in a way that would not disappoint those that I love. That is why you can trust me to never sell out. I do not want to be a career politician, but I do want to improve our community during my time as your Councilman. I will always fight on behalf of you and not the special interests that are trying to purchase seats in our elections.

I am running for the City Council because my passion in life is public service and that passion belongs here in Huntington Beach. I first came to Huntington Beach in 2007. My mother had moved out west in order to receive cancer treatment at the City of Hope. From the very first moment I stood on the beach in Huntington Beach, it was my dream to own a home here.

Four years later in 2011, my mother would unfortunately pass away. I lived below the poverty line, moved several times, pulled myself out of poverty and earned a degree in Political Economy from my dream school, USC. This would all eventually lead to obtaining a great information technology job as well as purchasing my first home here in HB where I also now own my own business.

This experience of losing my mother at a young age was tough but it made me realize the amazing support system around me. It made me realize I was fortunate to have help from family and friends in that time of need. For so many of us, we are not as fortunate to have that support. Many feel they do not have a voice in our government and I will be that voice that fights on their behalf.

I rarely speak about my story while campaigning because in my opinion, far too often candidates use their stories to get the sympathy vote. However, that story of falling down and questioning the world around me made me realize I wanted to give back. It made me want to help others that feel their voice is not heard, that feel underrepresented and for that matter, that feel as if the leaders that represent them do not understand their day-to-day struggles. I can tell you I do understand how some of you feel. I understand the impact that the rising rents have on the low and middle class. I understand what it is like to have to pull yourself up, even when your future is not certain.

And now with COVID and the current unrest in our country, it is clear now more than ever that we need new, honest and transparent leadership. Hundreds in Huntington Beach have asked me to run and I am going to ensure we give Huntington Beach the leadership our city deserves!

We are all so fortunate to be able to call Huntington Beach our home. As a young homeowner who (God-willing) will be here for the next 50 years, I have the distinct interest in preserving our suburban beach community. My passion for public service belongs here in our community. I am running on a Pro-Public Safety, Pro-Fiscal Responsibility, and Pro-Business platform. This is a platform that everyone in our community can rally behind and I will bring our community together to solve the issues we currently face.

Lastly, as we all know – EXPERIENCE MATTERS. I am the only candidate in this race that is proven to take on the special interests. Two years ago, I took on the biggest special interest PAC in the city and I won. After exposing this special interest, they closed down their PAC after the 2018 election.

I will ALWAYS fight on behalf of you and I will ALWAYS fight on behalf of what is right.

This election is important. Your vote is important, but most importantly our future is important. We all want our youth to grow up in a Huntington Beach that we all can be proud of. We should want leadership that is not the status quo and that offers a clear vision for us going forward, a vision that we can all rally behind. I represent that leadership and vision. I graciously ask for your vote.

My campaign is For the People, For the City and For the Future of Huntington Beach.


Thank you, 

Brian Burley